Ricky Drais
Really good barber - really clean facility. A friend of mine referred me over and Che took good care of me
Omshiv Padhi
Che is the man! He made time for me and my boy even after he just closed up and the cut was the best I’ve had. On top of that, every session I’ve had with him led to great conversations and just a good time overall. Super professional and mad talented with the clippers. My fades never looked this good before. Lifetime customer now, cant find anyone better! Hit him up asap for the best experience you’ll have at a barbershop ever.
ustin jacob
My barber was out of town needed a haircut quick. I called 10 min prior and the gentleman was kind enough to get me in. Very professional, clean cut and very happy
Eli Loeza
Absolutely love my sons hair cut (11 y/o)! It was his first time there and we will definitely be coming back!
D Van
Che is awesome! This what I’ve been looking for a genuine Barber. Felt welcome and I didn’t feel rushed. His work was great as well, I would have expected to pay more since the quality was there. His positive vibes and good conversation has made me a lifetime customer!
Trinity Munoz
We just moved to the area in TX and have tried three different places. Chei will now be our family barber. Friendly, clean, great prices, and very respectful. Let’s not forget to mention that my husband and son have a crazy cowlick and he mastered it beautifully.
hasan sheikh
Che is a great barber. He always gives the haircuts and is the best barber. He actually takes time and pays attention to your hair and makes sure that you walk with you hair looking the way you want it. The best barber in the area, I highly recommend.